Zip turtleneck 200 (unisex)

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Jo uit Tielt


Perfecte service

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Supersnel en correct geleverd. Eerlijke prijs!

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Alles ok

Dirk uit Oostende

Prijs: € 94,95

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Kleur detail zwart
Materiaal merinowol
Geslacht Unisex (volwassen)
Kleurgroep zwart

Bezorgen en voorwaarden

Verwachte leveringstermijn: 2 tot 3 dagen.


• Ullfrotté Original 200g is a warm fabric that can be worn next to the skin. Adjust layers based on your level of activity.
• Remember that the garments are unisex. Check your sizes against our size charts.
• The garments are made in Östersund, Jämtland, all the way from the yarn to the final packaged product.
• The seamstresses sew an entire garment from start to finish, and mark the clothes they sew with their own nametag.
• We take our wool from merino sheep that graze in the Argentinian part of Patagonia and Uruguay, and it is mulesing free.
• The fabric doesn’t smell bad if you sweat. Wool is self-cleaning and breaks down the bad-smelling bacteria from the skin. That’s why it doesn’t need to be washed so often. 
• Wool fibres can absorb up to 30 per cent of their own weight in moisture before even feeling damp.
• Even if the material gets damp it continues to keep you warm anyway.
• Woolpower clothes can be washed at 60 degrees.
• Woolpower’s undergarments don’t itch and feel soft and comfortable against your skin.

  • Merino wool 60%
  • Polyester 25%
  • Polyamide 13%
  • Elastane 2%

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